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Bath Room Remodeling & Renovation

Bathroom 1 Remodel

Main Hall Bath Remodel.

Description of Hallway Bathroom Remodel

As you place your cursor over this picture, you can see it has little light with its two flourescent lights stradling the medicine chest. Also evident are the old, discolored tile on the walls and floor. Because of the pedestal sink, there is no storage for bathroom necessities.

In Jim Parker's remodel:

  • added updated lighting
  • tile replacement for updated look on floors and walls
  • updated pedestal sink
  • addition of a high-quality cabinet above the commode
  • adition of a triple mirror medicine chest above the sink to maximize all space and opportunities for storage.


Bathroom 2 Remodel

Hallway bathroom remodel.

Description of Main Hallway Bath Remodel

As you place your cursor over this picture, you can see the aged and outdated style of all the accessories: the step around the tub, the wooden posters for decoration, the laundry shute, and the faux wooden 12 x 12 tiles on the floor.

Jim's remodel:

  • Italian tile on the floor and walls
  • accent pieces on the wall every 3 feet or so
  • accent tile below the bullnose, and a rounded bullnose at the top.
  • custom built surround for the full tub and shower enclosure
  • wood trim and medalions framing
  • updated toilet with a top-pull
  • additional storage above the toilet for bathing and personal supplies.


Bathroom 3 Remodel

Small powder room remodel.

Description of Power Room Remodel

As you place your cursor over this picture, you can see the faux formica tile on the walls, the extra-small sink, and the exposed radiator.

Jim Parker's remodel:

  • installation of beaded board wainscoting on the walls
  • white wash stain on wainscotting to keep the small area bright
  • replacement of small sink with a larger pedestal sink
  • aesthetic metal radiator cover
  • mounting of a cabinet above the toilet opposite the sink (not visible in this picture).

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